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What Life Insurance Can I Get If I Smoke Marijuana?

Wondering how cannabis use affects your life insurance? Like tobacco, smoking marijuana can affect the price of your policy, depending on how, when, and how much you use. As more and more states legalize marijuana, insurance providers are changing the way they look at smoking cannabis.

Current State of Cannabis Legalization in the United States

As of 2021, the following states have legalized medical marijuana:

*CBD oil only

Fully IllegalDecriminalizedLegal for Medical UseMedical and DecriminalizedFully Legalized
Recreational and Medical Marijuana
IdahoNorth CarolinaFloridaDelawareArizona
South Carolina*IowaMarylandDistrict of Columbia
PennsylvaniaNew HampshireMontana
UtahNew MexicoNevada
*TexasNew YorkNew Jersey
West VirginiaNorth DakotaOregon
*WisconsinOhioSouth Dakota
Rhode IslandWashington

Because cannabis is not legal in every state, it can be a challenge for insurance providers. Many provider guidelines for medical and recreational marijuana are still new and may be based on outdated government policies. Because of this, both recreational marijuana users and medical marijuana users may still face higher life insurance costs.

Why a Marijuana Insurance Policy Is More Expensive

Because marijuana impairs brain function, many insurers see it as an added risk, like alcohol or tobacco use. Providers may be hesitant to provide coverage for someone who uses cannabis, even to medical conditions. 

Cannabis contains chemicals like carcinogens, which can increase your risk of developing cancers around the mouth, throat, and lungs. Even if the drug itself does not cause specific health problems, insurers may associate it with general poor physical or mental health

Either way, some insurers will see cannabis as a liability, raising prices and decreasing coverage. If you’re looking for affordable plans, you’ll need to find a provider who won’t automatically stick you with tobacco rates, which are very expensive.

How Insurers View Tobacco vs Cannabis Use

If you are designated as a frequent smoker on your policy, you’ll end up paying two to three times more than nonsmokers. Unfortunately, some providers put cannabis users into “smoking” categories, increasing the price of their insurance policy. If you use medical marijuana, you can end up paying tobacco rates on top of high rates caused by underlying health conditions. 

When looking at life insurance plans, ask how both medical history and cannabis use affects prices. Shop around for providers who will give you a nonsmoker rate, and try to find insurance companies who cater to marijuana users.

Are There Any Affordable Policies For Weed Smokers? 

If you use cannabis, there are a few things you’ll want to look for in an insurance company. You’ll generally want to keep an eye out for companies that offer specific rates for cannabis use, not just smoking or non-smoking categories. 

Another quality to look out for is if the provider provides different rates for how you take THC. Some policies will offer different rates depending on whether you ingest, vape, or smoke the drug. These providers recognize that different delivery methods affect your health in different ways, and they might offer ways to get a lower rate. 

If you are looking to lower your life insurance rate, giving up recreational marijuana will decrease your cost with most insurers. However, some companies offer a few options for marijuana users. Many providers will offer specific rates for marijuana, taking into account how often you use the drug and which THC delivery method you use.

Besides cannabis plans, you can also look into guaranteed coverage policies. While these are more expensive than regular, non-smoking policies, they offer coverage without a medical exam. This can be especially helpful if you use cannabis to treat a medical condition.

How Much Do They Cost? 

If your insurance company puts you into a “smoking” category, your policy rate can go up by three, four, or even five times. For most young and healthy policyholders, a life insurance premium will run between $250 to $1,000 a month, depending on how much coverage you get. However, if you’re put into a smoking category, your premiums might rise from $52 a month, to $248. This is why it’s important to find a provider who recognizes the differences between nicotine and marijuana use.

How Often You Smoke

The best providers will evaluate your policy on a case-by-case basis. Like tobacco smokers, insurers sort marijuana users based on how many times a month they use cannabis. A 30-year-old recreational smoker, who uses less than three times a month, will pay about 22% or 23% more than an average policyholder. However, if they smoke more frequently (three or more times a month), they’ll pay about 35% or 45% more. 

Your Age

Like with standard plans, costs increase as you age. A 40-year-old who uses cannabis more than twice a month will pay about 10% or 20% more than a 30-year-old who smokes just as often. 

Medical Use

Some policyholders may wonder if medical marijuana is covered by life insurance. While medical marijuana is legal in many states, your underlying medical conditions can hike up prices. This is especially true if you use cannabis for end-of-life care. 

If you use cannabis to treat pain caused by cancer treatments or symptoms, you’re seen as a higher risk for the company. High-risk policyholders can pay up to 25% more for even small, $25,000 policies. However, if you use medical marijuana for chronic pain, but don’t have a serious underlying condition, your provider is less likely to charge you extra.

Life Insurance Tests for Marijuana

Always be upfront with your cannabis use. Most plans will test for THC during your medical exam and have access to your medical records. Not letting your insurer know that you use marijuana can put you at risk for insurance fraud. However, if you want a life insurance policy that will offer coverage without a medical exam, find a guaranteed issue policy.

Guaranteed, No-Exam Policies

No-exam policies guarantee customers a policy, even with existing medical conditions. However, there are some drawbacks. These policies limit their coverage and charge higher premiums. Usually, these plans only offer $10,000 – $25,000 payouts and cost up to twice as much as standard plans.

No matter what kind of plan you go with, always take time to research and weigh your options. For an easy way to compare prices, try an online quote aggregator. Aggregators like Versured can help you compare prices and buy a comprehensive policy that fits your budget.

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