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What Are the Best Roadside Assistance Companies?

Roadside assistance is a wonderful thing to have. It can come through in a pinch when you most need it. When you get a flat tire, dead battery, or car breakdown, roadside assistance can come to the rescue.

For millions of Americans, roadside assistance is a must-have. However, there are plenty of options out there. So, it might be hard to figure out which one is the best. You might ask yourself, “what are the best roadside assistance companies?”

We will respond to that question as we explore everything you need to know about choosing the best roadside assistance plan for your needs.

What Is Roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service that offers support to stranded motorists. This coverage can aid you in various ways. For example, roadside assistance will tow your car to a shop in case of a breakdown. Also, roadside assistance can support you if you lock your keys inside your car.

Ultimately, services vary from plan to plan. Basic plans offer essential services like towing and flat tires. Comprehensive plans may even include rental car support while your car is in the shop. As a result, roadside assistance companies and plans may vary.

Generally speaking, roadside assistance is a part of your auto insurance policy. Typically, you pay a few additional dollars a month for this coverage. Nevertheless, you can purchase a standalone plan.

Plans range from $5 to $100 monthly. However, roadside assistance may be a credit card perk. Also, memberships through AAA can get you a hefty discount. Moreover, your cellphone plan or car manufacturer may offer discounted roadside assistance plans.

What Does Roadside Assistance not cover?

Roadside assistance plans do not cover collision or medical bills related to an accident. For instance, roadside assistance won’t tow your car following a collision. Also, roadside assistance won’t cover ambulance transport to a hospital.

Also, please remember that roadside assistance does not cover auto repairs. While it does cover towing your car to a shop, repair claims should go through your auto insurance and not roadside assistance.

Who Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance generally covers the policyholder, not the car. For example, suppose the policyholder is riding with a friend. In that case, the policyholder can call their roadside assistance to help with their friend’s car.

Additionally, roadside assistance policies extend to other household members. However, this coverage isn’t automatic. Therefore, the policyholder must include household members within the coverage.

In some instances, roadside assistance would cover others even when you’re not there. For example, if a friend calls for roadside assistance using your listed cellphone, they get support.

Do Roadside Assistance Claims Affect your Insurance?

Excessive roadside assistance claims through your auto insurance may affect your auto insurance premiums. Nevertheless, occasional use of roadside assistance (a handful of times a year) should not affect your auto insurance premiums.

You can get roadside assistance through your cellphone plan or credit card. You should have no issues with your auto insurance premiums.

Roadside Assistance Companies

Roadside assistance companies differ from auto insurance companies. Roadside assistance companies may be part of an auto insurance company. However, roadside assistance companies are typically contractors working for insurance companies.

Perhaps the most famous roadside assistance company is the American Automobile Association or AAA. This company has been synonymous with roadside assistance for decades. However, AAA is not the only game in town. There are several other companies in the market.

On the whole, choosing a roadside assistance company boils down to a cost-benefit analysis. As such, you can compare costs versus services offered. Moreover, it’s worth considering the coverage it provides.

If you travel across the country, it makes sense to get a plan with nationwide coverage. In contrast, a local company would do just fine if you don’t travel much outside your state.

So, let’s take a look at the best roadside assistance companies in the market today.

The Best Roadside Assistance Companies

We have looked at roadside assistance companies around the country. We have settled on the best roadside assistance companies based on various parameters. In particular, we want to offer several options to make the best choice based on your needs.

Best Overall Roadside Assistance Company: Blink

Blink practically covers the entire country. It boasts coverage in 99.4% of zip codes nationwide. As a result, you can get assistance no matter where your car or truck breaks down. Also, Blink counts roughly 80 million satisfied customers.

Blink’s structure is somewhat unusual. It does not offer a membership plan like most companies. Instead, users can access Blink’s website to get assistance. Users then pay a flat fee every time they use the service.

In general, tire changes, locksmith services, and jumpstarts cost $65. There are no membership fees or monthly payments; just a flat rate every time you use their services.

The downside to Blink’s service is its towing services. Towing services cost an initial $99 for the first five miles. After that, you must pay $5 for every additional mile. Consequently, towing services can get costly.

Blink offers 24/7 service. Thus, Blink’s customer service is above its competition. As a result, Blink earns the nod as the best overall roadside assistance company.

Best Value Roadside Assistance Company: Carchex

Since 2003, Carchex has offered a dependable service at competitive rates. Carchex offers various membership plans to suit individual needs.

Carchex’s first service tier starts at $59.95 a year. This rate includes five service calls and covers one vehicle. However, users can upgrade to the next tier for $79.95 annually. This tier consists of an unlimited call plan for a single car.

Lastly, the highest tier costs $109.95 for an unlimited number of vehicles. This tier covers four household members for five service calls a year per vehicle. Indeed, Carchex offers a plan to suit every kind of household.

Additionally, Carchex offers 25 towing miles instead of the usual five. Moreover, Carchex offers 24/7 emergency service over the phone or website.

Nevertheless, Carchex does have some drawbacks.

Firstly, Carchex’s services are not available in all states. As such, it’s worth checking to see if it’s available in your state. Furthermore, do check if it’s available in a state you’ll be visiting. Carchex does offer coverage in Canada, though.

Secondly, new Carchex customers must wait three business days before they can use the service. During this time, newcomers cannot use the service. Plus, subscribers can only use Carchex’s services once every 72 hours.

Despite its drawbacks, Carchex offers a great combination of value for money. As such, it earns the nods as the best value plan.

Best Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Company: Motorcycle Towing Services

Roadside assistance companies tend to overlook the motorcycle market. Indeed, the motorcycle roadside assistance market is relatively small. After all, not many Americans own motorcycles or drive them regularly.

Nevertheless, motorcycle enthusiasts should consider getting a motorcycle-specific roadside assistance plan.

Motorcycle Towing Services, MTS, offers the best comprehensive plan for motorcycle owners. MTS’s services cover towing battery and fuel delivery services and locksmith support.

Plans start at $30 annually for year-round coverage. An interesting service plan is the “Cold Country” plan. This plan covers users in northern states from April 1st to September 30th. In other words, MTS does not bill for its services during the winter months.

The downside to the basic $30 plan is that it does not include towing services. The upgraded $55 plan covers the first $150 worth of towing. A family plan costs $100.

MTS’s premier plan costs $95 for one user or $180 for a family plan. This plan covers the first $300 of a tow. Additional motorcycles can go into the plan for $5 annually for each motorbike.

Lastly, MTS offers an emergency service upgrade for $75 annually. This plan helps cover assistance over 100 miles away from your home. This service covers the cost of replacing a battery, throttle, fuel pump, or even clutch cables. However, it only covers parts, not labor.

Overall, motorcycle owners can find the best value for their money with MTS’s assistance plans.

Best Long-Distance Roadside Assistance Company: AAA

For decades, AAA has set the standard for roadside assistance services. Since 1902, AAA has offered quality and reliable service. Its various plans provide perks and benefits competitors struggle to match.

AAA’s basic plan starts at $81 annually. This plan includes towing for three miles, fuel delivery, winching, and locksmith services. Moreover, there is travel accident coverage for incidents beyond 50 miles from your home.

Indeed, AAA’s basic coverage, while not the cheapest, is certainly worth its value. However, if you’re planning on a long-distance trip, AAA is your best choice.

For $165 annually, you can get coverage for towing for up to 100 miles, free fuel delivery, and winch services. For $215, you can include an RV or motorcycle. There are additional benefits such as trip interruption support and theft reward.

AAA’s Premier plan is the best plan on the market. For $225 annually, you get 200 miles’ worth of towing, lockout coverage for up to $150, $25 off a battery purchase, and $1,500 in trip interruption coverage. AAA also offers home locksmith services with this plan.

Signing up with AAA is easy. All you need to do is go to their website or use their phone. Their nationwide coverage is available 24/7.

Best RV Roadside Assistance Company: Good Sam

RV owners can get specific roadside assistance coverage for their vehicles. Good Sam offers roadside assistance plans to cover several vehicles. In particular, their RV plans are ideal for long-distance travel.

The best part of Good Sam’s plans is their towing service. Their plans will tow your RV to the nearest repair shop. This unlimited towing plan is great, especially if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, plans include 24/7 support throughout North America and locksmith services.

Good Sam’s plans start at $64.95 for the first year. This plan includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boat trailers. Coverage extends to campers, trailers, and haulers. After the first year, the plan costs $129.95 annually.

The Platinum plan includes coverage for leased, rented, and borrowed vehicles. The plan costs $79.95 and has additional perks, such as support from dedicated RV technicians. Additionally, the Platinum plan covers towing and locksmith services. This plan’s highlight is discounts on rental vehicles and hotels. After the first year, the plan costs $159.95 annually.

The top-of-the-line plan is the Platinum Complete package. In addition to the previous benefits, this plan includes medical emergency coverage. The plan covers returning your vehicle to you following a medical emergency. The Platinum Complete plan starts at $119.95 for the first year. Then, it’s $239.95 after the first year.

Good Sam’s plan is well worth the cost for folks who get the most out of their RV’s. Family members with other vehicles can also be part of the plan. So, it’s a good all-around option if you own an RV along with other vehicles.

Best Pay-As-You-Go Roadside Assistance Company: Allstate

If you’re not looking for a subscription service, Allstate offers the best pay-as-you-go plan. You don’t need to be an Allstate customer to sign on for this plan.

In this plan, you get Allstate’s outstanding service without the commitment to an annual subscription. Indeed, you can use this service whenever you truly need it.

Please bear in mind that this plan is not the cheapest on the list. To begin with, towing services start at $119 for the first five miles. Then, it’s $4.25 for every additional mile. Locksmith services, jumpstarts, and fuel delivery cost $79. Tire changes will cost you $84.

On the whole, these prices are higher than most other companies. Nevertheless, Allstate is a good option for a “just in case” situation. Also, some folks consider Allstate’s plan as a good backup option. Ultimately, it’s better to have it than not to have it.

Please note this service is not available for California residents.


Choosing the best roadside assistance company boils down to your specific needs. There are roadside assistance plans specific to your needs. While our best all-around choice is Blink, the other alternatives on this list also provide excellent coverage.

For specific needs, plans from Good Sam or MTS can cover you easily and affordably. Also, Allstate is a great option if you don’t want a subscription service. Moreover, AAA is still the best option if you plan on taking a long road trip.

Ultimately, there are various options to suit your needs and budget. It’s always a good idea to have a solid roadside assistance plan. Doing so will give you the peace of mind you seek for yourself and your family.

Main Takeaways

  • Roadside assistance companies offer various services at different price points. Most companies offer annual subscription service plans. You can get roadside assistance plans through your auto insurance, cellphone plan, or credit card. These plans generally range from $20 to $100 a year. However, you may have to pay an additional fee for services such as towing.
  • The best roadside assistance plan is Blink. Blink offers the best all-around roadside assistance plan. Also, Allstate offers the best pay-as-you-go plan. If you’re not keen on a subscription, Allstate is the best choice. Both companies offer great 24/7 customer service throughout North America.
  • AAA continues to be an industry leader. It is the best choice for long-distance travel. Coverage plans include several benefits. However, AAA’s plans are pricier than other providers. Nevertheless, AAA is a recognized brand you can trust.
  • Good Sam and MTS towing offer vehicle-specific roadside assistance. If you own an RV or a motorcycle, do check out these companies. They offer comprehensive plans to suit vehicles beyond passenger cars and pickup trucks.
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