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My Dog Bit Someone: Now What?

When you become a pet owner, you take on a lot of responsibility—not just for your dog, but for the...

Cybersecurity Insurance Providers

Businesses today must exist online. Otherwise, they risk missing out on a broad customer segment. Indeed, companies need to thrive...

Is It Illegal to Sleep in Your Car?

We all know we shouldn’t drive while drowsy. But can you take a nap inside your car? Whether you’re traveling...

What Life Insurance Can I Get If I Smoke Marijuana?

Wondering how cannabis use affects your life insurance? Like tobacco, smoking marijuana can affect the price of your policy, depending...

How Does Renters Insurance with Roommates Work?

When you share your home with someone else, how does it affect your insurance? It’s a question that a lot...

Commercial Umbrella Insurance: A Guide

Dealing with the unexpected can be quite complicated. Without appropriate insurance coverage, unforeseen events can cause serious issues for your...