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Skip the unwelcome emails and phone calls, the hours spent shopping and getting quotes, and the sales pitches. There are way too many options out there for auto insurance, so we at Versured have made it easy to compare many quotes in just one place.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance (also called auto insurance) is a safety net between you and financial hardship if your car goes through an unexpected emergency.

You invest a small amount each month to the company.dash-arrow
If you get into a car accident, the company takes most of the financial responsibility.dash-arrow
You invest a small amount each month to the company
The company takes upon themselves the chunk of the financial responsibility in case of accident

Is car insurance required?

Car insurance is required in all but two states: New Hampshire and Virginia. All states requires some kind of proof of financial responsibility, so in states that don't require auto insurance, you have to prove you're financially able to pay for medical and asset damages.

What does car insurance cover?

It depends on your state's requirements, but the highest requirement for a coverage plan includes six types:

Medical Payments
Under/Uninsured Motorist
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

How much does car insurance cost?

Most people are paying an average of $131 per month. Versured takes your unique driving situation and personal info to cut your insurance premiums in half.

How often should I consider changing insurance carriers?

Auto insurance agencies frequently change their rates. Most people should
consider re-evaluating their policy every year. However, at Versured we
re-evaluate your policies for you, making sure you have the biggest bang
for your car insurance buck.

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How do I start shopping for car insurance?

Versured, along with many professionals, recommends comparing at least five insurance policies to see which company best fits your needs. We've designed the process so you can fulfill insurance needs as fast and as simply as possible.

Why should I buy online with Versured?

Purchasing online lets you weigh your options and really understand what you're getting. Our mission at Versured is to lay out your options for you without pushing you in any direction. In other words, you're getting the straight info without bias. We want to build real, lasting relationships with our members and partners.

What does Versured offer its members?

We save you time—and money—that would otherwise be spent on looking for the cheapest quote. The best part is you don't pay us a single penny for our service! We're with you the entire way, no matter which provider you choose, as long as you want.

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